Dear customer,

Thanks for all your positive feedback and questions after our previous e-mail in which we announced the migration of Inforbusiness to Openprovider!

We would like to remind you that next Thursday, the 19th of March, we will proceed with the first real action in the migration: we will create a reseller account in Openprovider for each Inforbusiness reseller. On creation, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the onboarding information from Openprovider. Later that day, you will receive another e-mail with some extended information.

Note that we will not yet migrate any products – that is scheduled for the 16th until the 30th of April. However, we happily invite you to log in to your new Openprovider account, accept the Terms & Conditions and click a bit through the control panel.

Changes in your reseller details

If you change the details of your reseller account from today (for example a change in address or a new user), then we kindly ask you to copy this change in your Openprovider account after Thursday. This only applies to reseller data, not to data of domain contacts.

Invitation webinar
On the 26th of March, at 10:00 CET, we will organise a webinar in which we will tell more about the upcoming migration and the Openprovider control panel. After a short presentation, there is plenty of time to ask questions to people from Inforbusiness and Openprovider. Please sign up for the webinar here.

Kind regards,

The Inforbusiness and Openprovider teams