As you may remember, Inforbusiness was acquired by Openprovider almost three years ago. In those three years, we have implemented a lot of changes which have been accepted by our customers very positively. These changes include a new control panel, a new API, new extensions and SSL certificates. We commit to a long-term partnership with you, our customer, and for that reason we believe that this is the right time to migrate Inforbusiness to our parent company Openprovider.

We know that with this migration you will only benefit with the following advantages:

  • A full-service control panel on a stable, reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Highly rated support (9,3 in 2019) through e-mail, chat and telephone
  • Extensive Knowledge Base
  • Wide range of promotions
  • Access to all extensions worldwide
  • Access to a full SSL product range
  • Access to additional products like Plesk licenses, SpamExperts and Domain Fraud Detection
  • A complete API
  • Monthly product and company updates through our newsletter
  • And much more!


We aim at the following timeline for the migration:

  • 27th of February: initial announcement with the general information
  • 19th of March: we will create an account for you in Openprovider; feel free to log in and get used to the look and feel already!
  • 26th of March: webinar in which we explain everything you need to know
  • 16th – 30th of April: we will migrate all your domains, DNS zones, forwarders and balance to your new Openprovider account. From now on, you will log in to the Openprovider Control Panel instead of Inforbusiness. All the details will be sent in the following communication.

If you already have an account with Openprovider, please let us know both your Openprovider and Inforbusiness username at We will then migrate the products to your existing account after the 16th of April.

API users

If you currently use the API of Inforbusiness (either the original one or the new one), be aware that you will have to switch to the Openprovider API, as the Inforbusiness API will stop accepting commands from the moment of migration, from the 16th of April 2020. The Openprovider API is a RESTful API based on HTTPS requests and JSON responses. Find full documentation here.

More information

We have composed an extensive FAQ that answers any question you may have. Did you nevertheless have a question that is not in there? Let us know through!

Who is Openprovider?

Openprovider, with its headquarters in Rotterdam and offices in Barcelona, Novosibirsk and Mumbai, celebrated its 15 years anniversary last year and has over 1,8 million domains under its management. With over 170 direct registry accreditations and direct contracts with the major suppliers of other products like SSL certificates, we are able to offer you the best and most scalable platform and utmost control over your products. Interested in Openprovider’s plans for 2020? View the webinar!

We are looking forward to our continued partnership!

Kind regards,

The Inforbusiness and Openprovider teams