Google announced its final plan for the Chrome browser to distrust Symantec-branded certificates last week. This decision will affect existing certificates starting April 2018. If you use Symantec certificates (or any of its brands – RapidSSL, Thawte, or GeoTrust) you are going to need to replace your certificates at some point. Below you can find who is affected, why it’s important, and a detailed roadmap with dates.

Who is Affected?

If you are a current user of Symantec certificates or plan to purchase one in 2017, this could affect you.

Why it’s Important?

The Chrome browser is used by about 60% of internet users, and a website with a distrusted certificate risks losing a large portion of its audience. Anyone trying a site with such a certificate will see a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar:

Important Dates

Action Plan

In summary, no actions are required on your part until Symantec has set up their Managed Partner Infrastructure, which they projected to be on 1 Dec, 2017.

NOTE: All of our affected customers will receive email updates notifying them as action is needed.

03 Oct


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