The migration itself

What is the timeline for the migration?

The migration will take place over a period of almost two months. The following key dates have been set:

  • 27th of February: initial announcement with the general information
  • 19th of March: we will create an account for you in Openprovider; feel free to log in and get used to the look and feel already!
  • 26th of March: webinar in which we explain everything you need to know
  • 16th – 30th of April: we will migrate all your domains, DNS zones, forwarders and balance to your new Openprovider account. From now on, you will log in to the Openprovider Control Panel instead of Inforbusiness.

When will my account be migrated?

The date of the migration differs per customer. On Thursday the 9th of April we have sent an e-mail with the date on which your account will be migrated. Do you manage products in Inforbusiness but did you not receive this e-mail? Then please contact us.

Did you preserve my password?

No, because of our security measures we cannot retrieve your password and as a result we cannot migrate it. You can request a new password for your account. See the following question “How can I log in to Openprovider?” for more information.

How can I log in to Openprovider?

On the 16th of March, we have created an account for you on the Openprovider platform. The first step is creating a new password. You can easily do so by entering your e-mail address twice in the “Forgot password” page. This is the e-mail address that you used in Inforbusiness and on which you received our e-mails.

What will you migrate?

During the migration, we will move all your domains, contacts, DNS zones, domain forwarders and SSL certificates from Inforbusiness to Openprovider. We will also migrate your balance. Other financial data (invoices, payments and transactions) will not be migrated, nor the history of your domains and other objects.

How do you migrate the balance?

The Inforbusiness balance will be set to €0 with a single transaction. You won’t receive an invoice – it is a silent transaction. In Openprovider we create a credit invoice for the same amount. The balance is immediately available on your account.

What will happen to the prices?

After the migration, you will be charged according to the Openprovider price tier structure. Openprovider has several business models. Please contact our sales department if you have questions which model fits you best at

Can I keep using the Inforbusiness platform?

Until the moment that your account will be migrated, you can continue using the Inforbusiness platform for your registrations. Of course, you’re free to start registering your domains and SSL certificates in Openprovider already! From the moment of migration, the Inforbusiness platform will no longer be accessible.

I already have an account at Openprovider, what to do?

If you already have an Openprovider account, please send us both your Openprovider and Inforbusiness username to We will then ensure that we migrate the domains and other objects to that account.

Benefits, new features and differences

What are the benefits of Openprovider?

Openprovider comes with a wide range of features that never made it into the Inforbusiness platform, for example:

  • Many more domain extensions: all extensions worldwide
  • Full domain management, including easy updates, trades and restores
  • Full SSL product range
  • Full Plesk and Virtuozzo product range
  • Spam filtering by SpamExperts for easy resell
  • A complete and well-documented API
  • An extensive Knowledge Base
  • Monthly product and company updates through a newsletter

How is your support team?

The fully-equipped support team of Openprovider is available by telephone, e-mail and chat. Our customers rate their quality with a 9 or higher year after year.

Can I move my other domains to Openprovider as well?

Yes. Openprovider has a proven track record when it comes to portfolio migrations. If you have domains registered at another registrar, or directly at a registry, please contact us at Our transfer specialists will get in touch with you to check the options.

When will I receive an invoice?

The invoicing processes of Openprovider differ from Inforbusiness’s. Inforbusiness sent an invoice for each deposit, Openprovider will only send invoices for the products and services that you really bought. This invoice is sent every first day of the month, over the transactions of the month before. Of course you will receive an e-mail confirmation for each deposit, but no invoice.

For example, if you deposit €100 and register domains for €50 per month, then you will not receive an invoice of €100, but instead two times an invoice of €50.

General questions

Why will Inforbusiness migrate to Openprovider?

Since Openprovider acquired Inforbusiness in 2017, two domain management platforms were maintained: the Inforbusiness platform and the Openprovider platform. In order to skip overhead and provide you with the best user experience, we believe that this migration will serve both you and us. The Openprovider platform has been developed over 15 years, focuses on stability, reliability, scalability and security and is used by a worldwide audience.

Who is Openprovider?

Openprovider, with its headquarters in Rotterdam and offices in Barcelona, Novosibirsk (Russia) and Mumbai (India), celebrated its 15 years anniversary last year and has over 1,8 million domains under its management. With over 170 direct registry accreditations and direct contracts with the major suppliers of other products like SSL certificates, we are able to offer you the best and most scalable platform and utmost control over your products. Interested in Openprovider’s plans for 2020? View the webinar!